InsightCEO not only delivers training and development for your entire team through our online training program, but we work one-on-one with your sales manager to integrate the system into your business. After creating a personalized plan with your team and connecting them to the program, your sales leader will receive weekly emails and webinars to keep them focused. After 30 days, monthly group training and mastermind calls with sales teams from your CEO Roundtables group will be held virtually to help support your sales and marketing goals - freeing you up to focus on more pressing issues. Colleen Ferrary

InsightCEO helps CEOs and business owners navigate the treacherous and ever-changing terrain of leading and growing a business in today's economy. Each group is crafted to balance the needs and challenges of its members. By doing so, InsightCEO has created a safe environment where business leaders can focus on solving challenging problems, developing and fueling their own personal growth, and growing their business. In a recent survey of 40,000 Americans, 93% admitted they would not give honest feedback to their boss if he/she had a bad idea - despite their engagement and loyalty. InsightCEO makes honest feedback, accountability, and supporting each others' results a standard of entry. Because of this commitment, we're leading the industry in sales results.

25-    42% 



InsightCEO prides itself on partnering with only proven consultants and business leaders who pass our certification process and have proven results within industries like yours. Our team averages 20 years of proven results while being diligent on keeping up on current trends in a fast paced and ever-changing business environment.

‘A gifted advisor brings out the best in the CEO and the business while focusing on producing the optimal results through the simplest strategies.’

The average amount of time wasted EACH day by each employee looking for things

‘The President and CEO has to be able to trust that their sales team is delivering at the level they need and delivering a message consistent with their goals in order survive, let alone propel growth ’

‘There is no greater sound than the collision of great minds uniting around a single challenge - and no result as extraordinary!’ - Colleen Ferrary


The relevancy of marketing to your business' success based on a 2014 survey by the AMA

7000/     year 

InsightCEO offers a business helpline that will connect you with the right expert to answer your question on the spot, at no additional fee. It's simple. You or your team calls the hotline and shares what you need help with and when you're available for a call back. One of our experts calls you back and answers your question. You get better answers and stop wasting valuable time and resources.



The number of consultants who go out of business each year.

‘Getting answers shouldn't take so long, cost so much, or be so difficult. InsightCEO has solved all those challenges!’

The average sales increase generated last year by Peer Advisory Boards in businesses with less than 500 employees